How to Say “I” in Hindi


Believe it or not how to say “I” in Hindi isn’t as straightforward as that. There are actually two ways to say “I”. Since I teach kids from age 3-17, I have come up with ways to explain this (or not explain it quite yet to my youngest students).

I grew up in a Hindi-speaking household so the whole mai vs. mujhe confusion was not something I ever used mindshare to think about. When I spoke/speak, the correct word would just happen, because I just knew which one to use. But now that I’m actually teaching Hindi, I have become keenly aware that which one to use is not obvious.

It’s confusing enough that there are two words for “I” in Hindi. But then how do you know which one to use?

The Two Ways To Say “I” in Hindi

When my students ask me, how to say “I” in Hindi, I tell them there are two ways:

  • mai
  • mujhe

Both words mean I. So how do you know when to use each?

Use mai when “I” is the doer of the verb.
  • I live in California.
  • I am eating a paper dosa with pav bhaji masala inside (and it’s really yummy).
  • I was doing Bhangra with Diljit Dosanjh but he couldn’t keep up with me.
Use mujhe when “I” is not the doer of the verb but “I” is referred to.
  • I want a gulab jamun cake for my birthday.
  • I love to dunk Parle G’s into garam garam chai.
  • I don’t know where we put the pichkari’s, but we better find them soon! Holi’s around the corner!

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And now I’m in a position to continue their work. Language connects people. And for the children I teach I’m helping them connect to their grandparents and other loved ones.

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