Class Policies

Attendance Policy All sessions are to be taken in contiguous weeks. If a student misses a class they will be invited to do a make-up class at a different time and/or day from their regular class. We will email you the available options at that time. Your regular class does not count as an option for a make-up class. We will extend out the enrollment period at a maximum of 1 session per enrollment period, not including travel that we have been informed about at least 1 week ahead of time.

Partial Class Attendance If a student attends half or more of a session and then leaves, that session will count towards the total sessions. The student may make-up the time in a make-up class.

Guest Policy We do not allow anyone who is not enrolled in a class to sit in on classes (not including a parent/guardian). If a guest attends any class it will count as 1 of that students’ sessions. 

Practice Materials Practice Materials that we provide are intended for enrolled students and are not to be shared.