Class Policies

Attendance Policies

All sessions are to be taken in contiguous weeks. Every week counts towards the enrollment period.

Make-up classes. If a student misses a class, we will offer make up options. A student’s regular class is not an option for a make-up class. Make-up classes are at a different time and/or day from the regular class. We will email the available options at that time. If the make up options do not suit your schedule, we are sorry but there is nothing we can do about that.

Make up sessions can be completed any time within the enrollment period and must be completed by the last date of the enrollment period.

The above policies do not include travel/conflict with class time, that we have been informed about at least 1 week ahead of the student’s next class.

Partial Class Attendance If a student attends a session and leaves before the session finished, that session will count towards the total sessions.

Guest Policy We do not allow anyone who is not enrolled in a class to sit in on classes (not including a parent/guardian). If a guest(s) attends any class it will count as a session(s) towards that student’s enrollment. Each guest = 1 session.

Practice Materials Practice Materials that we provide are intended for enrolled students and are not to be shared.

Recording, Streaming, Photos, Screen Captures, Copying We do not allow any recording, streaming, photos, screen captures, nor copying of lessons, lesson materials, nor homework materials.