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Learn to speak Hindi in a cheerful virtual environment. We teach practical, useful vocabulary and pronunciation in an engaging way.

Students sharing why they want to learn Hindi on the 1st day of class.

Our Hindi Courses

What Makes Us Unique?

Fun and engaging. Fun is the highest priority. If the students aren’t having fun, they won’t learn and it could stifle their interest.

Holistic. Students not only learn conversational Hindi but also Indian culture. Our lessons also incorporate other skills i.e. listening, presenting to others, creativity, drawing insight.

The tools you need. We create audio recordings and other materials, many of them customized for each student, to practice at home.

Your Teacher, Samta Varia

Samta Varia, Founder

I grew up in Southern California in a household where my parents spoke Hindi and I responded in English. I had a standing “date night” with my mom including: parantha + a Hindi movie. I actively engaged with the language. I’d pause the movie and ask about words that I didn’t understand, context, and pronunciation. And I kept getting better and better.

The best way to describe my Hindi-speaking ability is, last year I went to Mumbai > went shopping ALONE > and totally crushed it. Every dukaan wallah asked me where I was from and I said, “Delhi”. Their response? “We can tell because you don’t speak Mumbai wallah Hindi.” They never suspected I wasn’t from India! #BrushYaShouldersOff.

I’ve been a Bollywood and Bhangra choreographer, dancer, and teacher all my life – another area where I have continuously applied Hindi (and Punjabi) language skills.

I’m also the Founder of ShaadiShop, the largest marketplace for Indian wedding venues. I’ve written hundreds of articles about South Asian wedding culture. More about me here.

Thank you for your interest! I hope to see you in class!

Virtual-PreSkool Testimonial

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You are so patient with the children. My son KEEPS singing songs from class. I’m so happy!”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Samta, you rock! You are 10x better than her teachers! Patient, thoughtful, and super engaging!”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thanks for the class! She had a blast. Still teaching her the flute dance.”


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