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Are You a Teacher?

My exploration of entrepreneurship when someone asked me, “are you a teacher?”

Hindi Days of the week

Hindi Days of the Week

Learn the seven (7) days of the week in Hindi along with pronunciation, how to use them in conversation.

Blue Whales and Hindi

Welcome! Today we are going to learn all about blue whales and Hindi! That means while we learn about blue whales, we are also going to build our Hindi vocabulary! So we’ll learn about science, this majestic animal, ALL while learning Hindi at the same time! Inside: Facts about Neeli Vhel’s Hindi Vocabulary Hindi PronunciationContinue reading “Blue Whales and Hindi”

Story Time With Samta Aunty kid-friendly Ramayan

Ramayan Trivia

Thank you for attending Ramayan Story Time with Samta Aunty. Download our Ramayan Trivia workbook to see how much of the story you remember! Wanna Learn More Culture & Language? Register For A Class Learn About Our Classes From Our Learn Hindi Blog

The Power o Pranam

The Power of Pranam

As part of my Hindi classes designed for children who are growing up with English as their first language, I teach Indian culture as well. Recently, I have been teaching my students the differences among namaste, namaskar and pranam. In this article I share a few heartwarming stories to demonstrate the power of pranam andContinue reading “The Power of Pranam”

I pyaar you

I Pyaar You

Last month I prepared lessons about love for Valentine’s Day. I shared Indian folk stories about love between siblings and caring for one’s community. And I taught my students how to say, “I love you” Mama, Papa, Bhaiya, Didi, Dadi etc. in Hindi which quickly became “I pyaar you”. Most of my students are beginners.Continue reading “I Pyaar You”

The Hindi Pronoun You

The Hindi Pronoun “You”

The Hindi Pronoun “You” is a simple and easy to understand explanation of the different forms of, “you” in Hindi and how they’re used.


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