Beginner’s Conversational Hindi

These classes are generally for age 6-10. Have fun building your Hindi vocabulary, putting sentences together, and making connections with Indian culture.

Hindi Conversations
Beginner's Hindi Age 6-10 Curriculum conversation

Culture and history
Story Time With Samta Aunty kid-friendly Ramayan
Build Hindi Vocabulary
Conversational Hindi Dining Vocabulary

For Families Where Hindi Is Spoken At Home Or Not

Most of our students fall into one of two groups. One, where Hindi is spoken at home by the parents and the kid(s) understand a lot but respond in English. And two, the parents don’t speak Hindi at home but want their children to connect with relatives and their heritage. Our classes address the needs for both. These classes get will get your child speaking in Hindi without overwhelming them.

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Age 6-104 sessions
8 Sessions
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1 hour
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Each class is 1 hour

1pm PT (3pm CT | 4pm ET)
2pm PT (4pm CT | 5pm ET)
3pm PT (5pm CT | 6pm ET)
4pm PT (6pm CT | 7pm ET)
6:10pm PT (8:10pm CT | 9:10pm ET)

1pm PT (3pm CT | 4pm ET)
5:20pm PT (7:20pm CT | 8:20pm ET) Intermediate

2pm PT (4pm CT | 5pm ET)
4pm PT (6pm CT | 7pm ET)
5pm PT (7pm CT | 8pm ET)
6pm PT (8pm CT) Intermediate

1pm PT (3pm CT | 4pm ET)
2pm PT (4pm CT | 5pm ET)
3pm PT (5pm CT | 6pm ET)
4pm PT (6pm CT | 7pm ET)
6pm PT (8pm CT | 9pm ET))

10am (12pm CT | 1pm ET)

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Parent Testimonials

Never seen a language teacher like her before!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 19, 2021

Samta is remarkably warm and interactive. Never seen a language teacher like her before. Amazing.

Avatar for Shaifali

Our half-Indian girl LOVES learning about her Indian side

Rated 5 out of 5
February 6, 2021

Our little 4-year old Anavi looks forward to her Virtual PreSkool class each week. We never thought she would be this interested in Indian culture as we hadn’t emphasized that much in the past. She loves learning Hindi, new words, and broader Indian culture. Her Indian grandparents had given her a lot of Indian things (clothes, statues, stories) but it’s only now that she pulls them out proudly and shows them off to her fellow students. We are very happy parents!

Avatar for Sunil

Highly recommend Virtual PreSkool Hindi Classes for older kids too!

Rated 4 out of 5
February 5, 2021

My 9 year old loves Samta’s virtual Hindi classes. I hear him laughing in every class! And after only a few weeks he has already learned so much. Samta not only focuses on conversational Hindi but also Indian/S. Asian culture, holidays, important events, destinations/sites, and so much more. She tailors her classes to the interests of the students – lots of Star Wars discussion in my son’s class. And the “homework” in the form of slides, flashcards, and videos is so well done. Samta is an excellent teacher and makes things fun and easy, despite being virtual. I’m so happy that we found this language school, and I highly recommend it, even for older kids.

Avatar for Neha

Engaging and Entertaining

Rated 5 out of 5
February 1, 2021

Both my kids took Samta’s hindi classes and despite their age difference had the same response after each class: absolutely LOVED it. They are always excited for her classes and came out of it learning something new that I would hear them repeating at the randomest times. Samta has done a fantastic job with the classes and I am so glad I enrolled my kids.

Avatar for Anshu

Hindi made fun and easy!

Rated 5 out of 5
January 9, 2021

We have tried many many Hindi classes over the the years. Often ending in tears or fears with so much of the focus on writing characters that are not tangible or relevant for our day to day life. Samta does an amazing job teaching by conversational Hindi to our daughter which she can use and be excited about right away. We are amazed at how she breaks down Hindi and provides beautiful, novel, and educational resources that make the learning easy! Our daughter looks forward to class and doing her practice every week! She learned how to have a conversation with her grandparents after just one class! We wish this was around when we were kids!

Avatar for Sasha

About Your Teacher, Samta Varia

Thank you for your interest in Beginner’s Hindi. Your child will learn Hindi in a fun, encouraging, and cheerful virtual classroom environment. The classes are taught in American English.

All of the class materials are phonetically spelled – in English. The lessons and activities are engaging, interactive, visually stimulating, and fun.

Each class is 1 hour.

About Me. Like most of my students, I was born and raised in the US. I grew up in and reside in Orange County, California. I learned Hindi organically – my parents spoke it at home. I enjoyed learning and speaking Hindi. I was very involved in dance, cultural programs and volunteer work that enabled me to practice Hindi on a regular basis. More about me and how I started Virtual PreSkool, here.

I look forward to seeing you in class!