Beginner’s Hindi Age 6-10


Welcome to my Beginner’s Hindi class for age 6-10! In this class students learn how to have a conversation, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. I designed the classes to be fun! The students interact with each other and I create interesting and engaging lessons.

My teaching style is cheerful, encouraging, no pressure no stress.
Alongside learning the language, I strive to spark interest and curiosity in the culture and history.
Age 6-104 sessions: $1608 Sessions: $300each class: 1 hour

Beginner’s Hindi Age 6-10 Schedule

Convenient Times Across Time Zones

2pm-3pm PT (4pm CT | 5pm ET)
4pm-5pm PT (6pm CT | 7pm ET)

1pm-2pm PT (3pm CT | 4pm ET)
4:15pm-5:15pm PT (6:15pm CT | 7:15pm ET)
5:30pm PT-6:30pm PT (7:30pm CT | 8:30pm ET)

1pm-2pm PT (3pm CT | 4pm ET)
3:50pm-4:50pm PT (5:50pm CT | 6:50pm ET)

8am-9am PT (10am CT | 11am ET)
10am-11am PT (12pm CT | 1pm ET)

Try a Class Before Enrolling

“My boys always look forward to their Hindi class every week. I’m amazed by how much they have learned in 2 months not having spoken a word of Hindi before! Samta always goes above and beyond with each student and is very attentive to their individual needs. Boys love to review the recap email weekly and practice until their next class. Just signed up for another 8 sessions!

Some of the Things We’ll Learn

Hindi Conversations
Counting in Hindi
Dining + Food Vocabulary
Geography + Facts
Colors Vocabulary
Fruits + Vegetables
Family Customized for each student

All Beginner’s Hindi Classes Feature

Small groups: personalized attention
Live instruction: real time feedback
No prior experience necessary.
Cheerful, fun, classes!
Practice Materials Included

Ditch the Devanagari…for now.

I don’t teach reading and writing Hindi script because most students and their parents want to speak to family and relatives. Also, once you’ve learned to speak Hindi, learning to read and write is MUCH easier.

Supplementary Materials

Flash Cards

Fun Activity Workbooks

Interactive Games to Reinforce Words

Audio Recordings for Pronunciation

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About Your Teacher, Samta Varia

I think one of the things that makes my classes unique is that I relate to my students. Like them I grew up here in the US (Orange County, California) – balancing two cultures, 2 languages and Eastern and Western values.

And that relatability comes through in how I teach.


What is the teaching style? Playful, cheerful, encouraging. The top priority is fun; fun = children want to keep coming back = sustained interest in learning the language and culture.

Is this live or pre-recorded?
Live; and the children will be able to see and interact with each other — important for their social-emotional development.

Are any materials provided? Yes. We provide materials so that each student can practice outside of class.

What happens if we miss a class? It’s recorded and we’ll send you the link, so you can make up the class on your own.

I don’t know Hindi, so how can I help my child? We’re going to be doing a lot of vocab that you can easily incorporate into home life and practice together. Your children will teach you! This is a GREAT way to get grandparents, aunts, uncles who sometimes don’t know what to say to kids over the phone/Facetime, involved.

Can I try a class before enrolling? Yes! Register for a trial here. The trial is $25 per student.