About Virtual PreSkool

Samta Varia, MBA


Virtual PreSkool is a (happy) by-product of the COVID-19 pandemic. 2019 was a record year for my startup, ShaadiShop – the largest marketplace for Indian wedding venues in the USA and Canada.

2020 was on track to be another stellar year, until everything changed. I have a glass-half- full/life-is-short personality, so I decided to look at the situation as an opportunity to try something new.

I chose virtual Hindi classes because there’s a need amongst the diaspora for classes that are fun, focused on conversational Hindi and relatable for children who are growing up with English as their first-language.

I learned Hindi organically – at home, where my parents spoke it regularly. But unlike most kids, I responded in Hindi as well. And I had a standing ‘date night’ with my mom = parantha + a Bollywood movie. I’d often stop the movie and ask about words and cultural references that I didn’t understand. And I got better and better.

I think learning Hindi should be fun. With everything that’s happened in the world this year, I designed Virtual PreSkool and my classes to be cheerful, encouraging, and no pressure.

My courses are designed to incorporate general skills practice as well – presenting in class, creativity, reading comprehension, drawing insight, making observations, and more.

All of my classes are small groups so I can give each student personalized attention and real time feedback.

Beginner’s Student Intros

About Me

I grew up in Orange County, California and currently reside in the SF Bay area with my husband, Ajay. I’ve been an avid dancer, all my life, having studied bharatanatyam and ballet; as well as a Bollywood and bhangra choreographer.

I’m dating myself, but I’m a big Madhuri Dixit fan. I mention it because my Bollywood choreography style aligns with many of her movies where the lyrics lead the movements. You can only do that if you understand the lyrics – which has been another area where I consistently honed my Hindi skills.

Before starting Virtual PreSkool, I owned a direct marketing agency in Orange County and after that, founded ShaadiShop, which is still open, despite the pandemic. Behind the scenes, I’ve been expanding the website and getting it ready for when COVID-19 is a memory.

When I have time, I enjoy writing articles for my travel blog, and sharing my experiences with solo backpacking and travel, as well as my more recent travels around the world with my husband.

Thank you for your interest in Virtual PreSkool! I look forward to seeing you in class!


“My son has learned so much in a short time. He’s teaching us words we don’t know!”


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