Intermediate Hindi

Understanding and speaking Hindi are two different things. In this class students will build their vocabulary and formulate sentences to have conversations in Hindi. This class is for students who have some working knowledge of Hindi. Students in this class understand quite a bit of Hindi and need practice on speaking.

4 classes
8 classes
Each class: 1 hr.
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Class Schedule

6pm PT (8pm CT | 9pm ET)

7pm PT

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Small groups: personalized attention
Live instruction: real time feedback
No prior experience necessary.
Cheerful, fun, classes!
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About Your Teacher

Thank you for your interest in Intermediate Hindi. Your child will learn Hindi in a fun, encouraging, and cheerful virtual classroom environment. The classes are taught in American English.

All of the class materials are phonetically spelled – in English. The lessons and activities are engaging, interactive, visually stimulating, and fun.

Each class is 1 hour.

About Me. Like most of my students, I was born and raised in the US. I grew up in and reside in Orange County, California. I learned Hindi organically – my parents spoke it at home. I enjoyed learning and speaking Hindi. I was very involved in dance, cultural programs and volunteer work that enabled me to practice Hindi on a regular basis. More about me and how I started Virtual PreSkool, here.

I look forward to seeing you in class!