I Want A Chocolate Paratha

Last week, I learned on Facebook that today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day. I had no idea that was a thing. But as a big chocolate fan, ummm…yes please! And what a sanyog (coincidence) because a few weeks ago I was teaching some of my youngest students the phrase, “I want x” in Hindi. And the example that always evokes giggles is, “I want a chocolate paratha”.

The point of the lesson is to teach them the phrase, “I want x”, but I want it to be fun for my students too.

Oh and, just in case this post hasn’t already made you hungry and craving a chocolatey treat, I’m just going to drop this picture here. Ok, carry on. Keep reading for how to say “I want a chocolate paratha” in Hindi.

How to say I want a chocolate paratha in Hindi.
Chocolate paratha anyone?
How to Say “I Want a Chocolate Paratha” in Hindi

So the phrase is, “Mujhe chocolate paratha chayay.” And if I remove the chocolate paratha it’s “mujhe _________ chayay”. And that’s what I actually want my students to learn – that’s empowering them to speak more Hindi. Because now they have a formula. Just pop anything into the blank line.

I don’t know about you but if any one of my adorable little nieces or nephews came to me and said, “mujhe chocolate paratha chayay”, I’d be busting out my belan before they even finished the sentence.

Here’s a video to get more practice of “I want x” in Hindi.

“May I Have a Chocolate Paratha”

How about we learn the more polite way to ask for something. How about, “May I have a chocolate paratha”. This is a sure fire way to impress Uncles and Aunties and melt grandparents’ hearts.

Here’s a video with more practice examples to practice the phrase “may I have x” in Hindi.

Sweet Samosas

This is a side note and not directly related but as I wrote this blog post reminded me of a gorgeous meal I had in Montevideo, Uruguay a few years ago at an Asian fusion restaurant called Tandory. It was one of the few places to enjoy upscale vegetarian and vegan dining there as these diets are nascent in Uruguay and all of South America.

The chef prepared sweet and savory samosas. They weren’t covered in chocolate but imli and strawberry chutney. And they were delicious. I wrote a blog post about it and where to find vegan and vegetarian cuisine in Montevideo, if you’re interested.

Sweet and savory vegetarian samosas at Tandory restaurant in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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