Blue Whales and Hindi

Welcome! Today we are going to learn all about blue whales and Hindi! That means while we learn about blue whales, we are also going to build our Hindi vocabulary! So we’ll learn about science, this majestic animal, ALL while learning Hindi at the same time! Inside: Facts about Neeli Vhel’s Hindi Vocabulary Hindi PronunciationContinue reading “Blue Whales and Hindi”

Hindi Animal Spotlight: Ulloo

Owl in Hindi is ulloo. In this article we are going to have a Hindi animal lesson: ulloo. We will learn about owls and simultaneously learn some new Hindi words. The Hindi words are in parentheses and you’ll find all of the new Hindi vocabulary at the end of article for you to review. ToContinue reading “Hindi Animal Spotlight: Ulloo”

Ramayan Trivia

Thank you for attending Ramayan Story Time with Samta Aunty. Download our Ramayan Trivia workbook to see how much of the story you remember! Wanna Learn More Culture & Language? Register For A Class Learn About Our Classes From Our Learn Hindi Blog

How To Send an Oxygen Concentrator to India From the United States

Updated May 19, 2021. This article is based on my experience of sending an oxygen concentrator to India from the United States. I decided to write this article on how to send an oxygen concentrator to India from the United States because a lot of people have the same questions…and I want to help. UnfortunatelyContinue reading “How To Send an Oxygen Concentrator to India From the United States”

Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! This post is all about Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary for children to celebrate the holiday of pyaar (love) with their parivaar (family) and dauston (friends). Hindi Valentine’s Phrases I love you Ma Mai aap se pyaar karta hoon Ma. (boys)Mai aap se pyaar karti hoon Ma. (girls) I love you Dad/Papa MaiContinue reading “Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary”

Conversational Hindi Dining Vocabulary

In this post we are going to talk about conversational Hindi dining vocabulary. Dining means flatware and dinnerware. I like to teach a unit about this to students because it’s useful to know the words for plate, fork, spoon, knife, bowl, etc. and they’re practical to practice, since we use these items everyday! In theContinue reading “Conversational Hindi Dining Vocabulary”