Chitee to Santa

Hindi letter to Santa

Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Today we are going to write a chittee to Santa – a letter to Santa. And you’re going to impress him with your awesome Hindi skills!

Inside how to say all these in Hindi:

  • Chittee greeting
  • My name is ______
  • I am # years old
  • May I have ________

Greeting. Let’s start the chitee with a greeting. To say, “Dear Santa” in Hindi we say, “Preeyay Santa”. Click play to hear how that sounds.

Introduction. Ok, awesome, we’ve got the greeting. Next, how about we tell Santa your name and how old you are? My name is ____________.

Mera naam ________ hai. And as you probably guessed, the blank line is where your name goes. So for me it would be, mera naam Samta hai – listen below (I repeated it a few times).

Let’s make sure you understand what each of these words means:

Mera = my

naam = name

Samta = Samta

hai = is

In Hindi, it’s “my name Samta is”. That sounds silly right? But actually it’s not. The order of the words in Hindi is not the same as English. And that’s true for most languages.

Age. Next, it would be nice to share your age in your chitee to Santa. He’s an expert on gifts and toys and stuff. If he knows your age then he’d be able to suggest khilonay (toys) you’d probably pasand (like).

To say, “I am 6 years old”, see below. See the blank line? That’s where your age goes. What’s 6 in Hindi? It’s chay. So the sentence would be, “Mai chay saal ka hoon. OR “Mai chay saal kee hoon.” But wait a second. What’s the difference? Why does one say “ka” and the other one “kee”?

Great question!

Hindi is a gendered language. That means words change slightly based on gender. So if a boy says, “I am 6 years old, it would be “Mai chay saal ka hoon”.

And if a girl says it, it would be “Mai chay saal kee hoon”.

Counting 1-10 in Hindi

What if you don’t know numbers in Hindi? No worries! The video below will teach you 1-10 in a jiffy (with some rhymes to help you remember too)!

Again, let’s make sure you understand what each word means:

Mai = I

chay = 6

saal = year

ka/kee = of

hoon = am

You should notice that in Hindi there are some words that aren’t in the English translation.

I live in ________

Next, let’s tell Santa where you live. Let’s pretend that you live in San Francisco.

“Mai San Francisco may rehtha or rehthee hoon.”

Similar to the phrase, I am 6 years old, you can see the word change, “rehtha vs. rehthee.” Boys say “rehtha” and girls, “rehthee”.

Play to hear the boy sentence.

Play to hear the girl sentence

By now you should know that the blank line is where you would fill in the city or town where you live.

Let’s break down each word:

Mai = I

San Francisco = San Francisco

may = in

rehtha/rehthee = live

hoon = am

So it translates to, “I am living in San Francisco”

Have you been naughty or nice?

Santa needs to know whether you’ve been naughty or nice doesn’t he? In your chittee you should tell him (and be honest, because he knows anyway!) Let’s include a line that says, “I have been badmaash (naughty) or “I have been acha (good).

May I have ________

Ok, now comes the part where you ask Santa for toys and games and other things. Instead of saying, “I want the Lego Millennium Falcon” wouldn’t it be way more polite to say, “May I have the Lego Millennium Falcon?” So let’s learn how to say that.

“Kyaa moojay Millennium Falcon mil saktha hai?”

“Kyaa moojay _______ mil saktha hai?”What do you think goes in the blank line? You guessed it! Whatever the item is that you want! It could be anything: a doll, a new bike, toys, games, a gift for your brother, sister, or parent….anything! Watch the video below to practice this phrase. It’s a nice thing to know, not just for your chittee to Santa but to speak Hindi politely all the time, which a good thing, right?

Thank you!

Let’s finish the chittee to Santa by saying thank you. There are two words used in Hindi to say thank you. They are dhanyavaad and shukriya – listen below.

Technically shukriya is not a Hindi word. It’s from another language called Urdu. But did you know that if you know Hindi then you know a lot of Urdu too?! How cool is that! In Hindi spoken on a daily basis people use both. They’re both polite and good words to know. So you can end your chittee with either one.

The Finished Chittee to Santa!

Here it is the finished chittee! Have fun writing yours!

Congrats on your Chittee to Santa!

Bravo! You not only wrote a chittee but in Hindi and so politely! Shaabash beta!

Christmas Kahaani

And to wish you a very Merry Christmas here’s a sweet Christmas story along with new vocabulary for you to practice! Cheers!

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July 9, 2021

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Very informative

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My 3 year old sat for a story for the first time ! She usually likes poems but she was so engaged while watching the story and regularly asking questions about the things she couldn’t understand. We really liked that. Thank you so much.

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First story time was a hit!

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It’s hard to get my 7 yo twins boys to sit still and participate for zoom calls but they loved story time and participated without hesitation!

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First time and my daughter loved it!

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It was our first time attending story time and my daughter loved it. She was engaged the whole time and loved the quizzes that Samta offered. Illustrations were awesome and colorful and content was approachable for kids. Thanks Samta Aunty, we’ll join again soon!

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Just what our child needs

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As someone that grew up with a mom that got the local moms together to teach our culture , religion and even dance….when i moved to Illinois, i was missing this and felt even more worried once I became a mom. Now a mom to a 3 year old son, I came across Virtual PreSkool’s complimentary story time . I was so impressed . From the teacher’s way of starting the story time with namaste to ending it with a prayer …to her subtle ways of introducing hindi words while explaining the story of Ganga in english…everything was perfect. Although my son’s attention span doesn’t seem to be there with virtual stuff, i have enrolled in updates about this program so when he is ready I will definitely make sure he attends. Kudos to you and your mission. I’ll definitely be spreading the word.

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