Holi Cartoons For Kids

These Holi cartoons for kids demonstrate the fun and joy of celebrating Holi. They also impart morals and values about forgiveness and helping others, in a way that’s relatable for kids, today.

Holi Cartoon Songs

This song and the one directly beneath are the same song, just in different animation styles.

Another great one with the child-like Bhagwan characters.

This is a fun song with a Bhangra beat.

This is a really cute song and I love that they show the grandparents.

Fun, upbeat song that would be fun to do garba or dandiya to.

This cartoon is in English.

Holi Cartoons in English

Witty, fun, and cute cartoon to teach kids about Holi.

Not the origin story of Holi, but a Holi story.

Holi Cartoons and Videos in Hindi

Chhota Bheem is such a good cartoon. I just wish they had this episode (and others) in English.

This is another Chhota Bheem, but it’s Chhota Bheem and Krishna.

Even though it’s not a cartoon, I included it because it shows children having fun playing Holi at home.

Samta Aunty’s Favorite Holi Cartoons

My favorites are a mix of cartoon-songs as well as cartoons.

My students, and I, are big fans of anything Jalebi Street.

This is a song in Hindi. The tune and lyrics are sweet and I love the child-like Gods.

I love the child-like Ganeshji, Krishanji, and Hanumanji. The tune and lyrics are very sweet.

Mighty Little Bheem is awesome. I love pretty much every one I’ve seen. There’s no talking, so no exposure to Hindi but a fun and cute cartoon to see Holi.

A Holi song with a Bhangra beat?! Yes please!

Love Mira The Royal Detective.

You might also like our list of Bollywood Holi songs with links to videos, – a collection ranging from the 70s to current hits about the festival of colors.


As India’s beloved festical of colors comes up, parents want to teach their kids about it. This post has all the links you need for Holi songs and cartoons in English as well as Hindi that illustrate how Holi is celebrated, why it’s celebrated and its significance.

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