Hindi Days of the Week

Hindi Days of the week

The seven (7) days of the week in Hindi have something in common with the days of the week in English – they all have the same ending. In Hindi all of the days end with ‘vaar’.

How to Pronounce Them
How to pronounce the days of the week in Hindi.

Now that you’ve learned them watch this video for more practice.

Easiest Day of the Week to Remember

In my opinion, the easiest one to remember is Friday – Shukarvaar. Shukar means thankfulness or gratitude, so Shukarvaar reminds me of, “thank God it’s Friday”.

Using Hindi Days of the Week in Conversation

In terms of using these words in conversation many people drop the ‘vaar’ and say, “shanee” (Saturday) or “som” (Monday). For example,

“Party kub hai?” (when is the party?)
“Shanee ko” (on Saturday)

Let’s learn some other vocabulary related to the days of the week: today, tomorrow and yesterday.

How to Say Today in Hindi
Aaj means today

How to Say Yesterday in Hindi
Kal means yesterday
How to Say Tomorrow i
Kal means tomorrow

In this video you’ll find some fun practice problems to quiz yourself.

Tomorrow vs. Yesterday: How To Tell the Difference

The Hindi word for yesterday and tomorrow is “kal”. So how do you tell the difference? From context and more specifically from the verb.

Christmas is tomorrow = Christmas kal hain.
Christmas was yesterday = Christmas kal thaa.

Hain means “is” and Thaa means “was”. That’s how you can tell if the conversation is about whether Christmas is tomorrow or it was yesterday.

Christmas is tomorrow vs. Christmas was yesterday and how to tell the difference between “kal” in Hindi.

Summary and Conclusion

In this article you learned how to say the days of the week in Hindi. Along with pronunciation guides, there are videos with practice problems oto help you remember the words. The best way to remember them long term is to use them in everyday life.

I like to teach vocabulary that’s useful and practical. And certainly the days of the week are just that. You use these words in everyday life and with a little conscious effort you can replace the English with Hindi. If you do, they’ll commit to memory in no time.

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