The Power of Pranam

The Power o Pranam

As part of my Hindi classes designed for children who are growing up with English as their first language, I teach Indian culture as well. Recently, I have been teaching my students the differences among namaste, namaskar and pranam. In this article I share a few heartwarming stories to demonstrate the power of pranam and how that brought a moment of delight to my students and their families.

Namaste greeting to say hello in Hindi
Namaskar formal greeting to say hello in Hindi
Pranam, greeting to bow down and show respect in Hindi

I start by saying that these are all greetings that are used to say hello. And that they are used in different ways depending on the person you’re saying hello to. Namaste can be said to anyone and everyone. Namaskar is more formal and used for uncles, aunties, and people you don’t know. And Pranam is a very special way to greet grandparents.

Why Are There So Many Ways to Say Hello?

For kids growing up in Western countries this is a very foreign concept. In the US and Canada and most Western countries there is one way to say hello. Whether a child greets their friend or their grandparents — they say hello. These age and formality distinctions don’t exist. I explained that Indian and many Eastern cultures are very family and community oriented. One’s world revolves not just around their immediate family but their uncles, aunts, cousins and their community of friends as well.

Like most of my students, I was born and raised here in the US. And like many of my students, I have never had any relatives nearby. That makes it even more difficult to relate to these cultural norms.

The Power of Pranam

Pranam Dada. Pranam Nani. I taught my students that Pranam is a special way to say hello to their grandparents. I was very delighted when some of the parents shared how happy the grandparents were to be greeted with such respect – especially since it was such a surprise.

The Outcome: When Kids Said Pranam

One mom wrote to us, “my daughter said pranam to her Nani today and it TOTALLY made her day!”

Another grandparent wrote to us saying, “I’m so glad my grandsons are learning Hindi from you.”

And another parent emailed to tell us that the grandparents were delighted when their granddaughter said pranam and that it was such a surprise!

The parents were happy. Grandparents were happy. And my students were happy and enjoyed the positive reinforcement they received from their grandparents’ reaction.

Simplify Concepts for Understanding

Even though there are others for whom “pranam” would be appropriate, I decided to teach the students to say it to their grandparents because:

  1. It’s COVID right now so grandparents are the only people beyond immediate family, people are meeting with.
  2. I wanted to simplify the concept to make it easier for kids, especially my 3-5 year olds to understand.

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Never seen a language teacher like her before!

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March 19, 2021

Samta is remarkably warm and interactive. Never seen a language teacher like her before. Amazing.

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Hindi for a Six-Year-Old

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February 20, 2021

My six-year-old daughter enjoys Samta’s class and looks forward to it on Saturday mornings. I like how Samta teaches not only Indian culture but capitavates their mind with ocean life and beyond. Our Hindi at home has definitely gone up a notch since her participation in this program. Another plus is that I don’t have to worry about drop-offs and pick-ups since its all done online.

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Amazing job and excellent handouts

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February 13, 2021

Samta and her Hindi Virtual School have been such a blessing for our family especially our younger daughter. She has loved the interactive and detailed lessons that Samta has put together. We are so happy when she speaks to us in Hindi and many times she is teaching us new words! Thank you Samta!🙏🏽

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Our half-Indian girl LOVES learning about her Indian side

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February 6, 2021

Our little 4-year old Anavi looks forward to her Virtual PreSkool class each week. We never thought she would be this interested in Indian culture as we hadn’t emphasized that much in the past. She loves learning Hindi, new words, and broader Indian culture. Her Indian grandparents had given her a lot of Indian things (clothes, statues, stories) but it’s only now that she pulls them out proudly and shows them off to her fellow students. We are very happy parents!

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Passionate educator!

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February 5, 2021

Our four year old absolutely loves his classes with Samta aunty. He has picked up many conversational Hindi words and learns a lot more than just Hindi. Samta is a very engaging & passionate teacher and keeps him engaged, which is tough to do in virtual sessions.

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