I Pyaar You

I pyaar you

Last month I prepared lessons about love for Valentine’s Day. I shared Indian folk stories about love between siblings and caring for one’s community. And I taught my students how to say, “I love you” Mama, Papa, Bhaiya, Didi, Dadi etc. in Hindi which quickly became “I pyaar you”.

Most of my students are beginners. Many of them understand quite a bit of Hindi but speaking it is a whole other ball game. When I taught them the full phrase, “Mai aap se pyaar karta/karti hoon Mama” my students repeated the sentence beautifully…in class. But I wanted them to practice the phrase outside of class and say it to their loved ones. And for beginner’s remembering all of that (despite providing recordings and practice materials was challenging).

Melting Hearts With “I Pyaar You”

So I simplified. I changed it to 3 simple words, “I pyaar you”. This was much more consumable, doable and relatable for the students – especially my very little ones. And it had the desired impact! Many parents and students reported back to me about how their Dada, Dadi, Nanu, Nani, and parents, loved it!

I pyaar you
A happy Indian family

Long Lasting Impact. And when the students received such happy reactions and encouragement, it fueled their desire to learn even more Hindi. They came back to class saying, “Aunty teach us more things we can say to our grandparents!”. And that meant the world to me as my primary goal is to build a lasting interest in Hindi and the culture.

Learning Hindi Should Be Practical and Fun

In order to do that it has to be fun and have immediate impact and usability. So in class, we go on virtual adventures to interesting places around the world, learn how to politely order food in a restaurant, I share a lot of stories that teach Indian heritage and so much more.

But for those that do want to learn the full sentence, “mai aap se pyaar karta/karti hoon”, here’s my video lesson.

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