Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary

Hindi Valentine's Vocabulary for Valentine's Day

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! This post is all about Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary for children to celebrate the holiday of pyaar (love) with their parivaar (family) and dauston (friends).

Hindi Valentine’s Phrases

I love you Ma

Mai aap se pyaar karta hoon Ma. (boys)
Mai aap se pyaar karti hoon Ma. (girls)

I love you Dad/Papa

Mai aap se pyaar karta hoon Ma. (boys)
Mai aap se pyaar karti hoon Ma. (girls)

Love = Pyaar

Family = Parivaar

Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary Pronunciation

Hindi words have specific pronunciations which lends directly to how they’re perceived and understood. There are ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ Ts and Ds and what I refer to as ‘tricky’ Hs. That is, ‘h’ sounds that immediately follow consonants that can be difficult to hear and pronounce. That’s why I created the video below – that shares how to correctly pronounce these Hindi Valentine’s vocabulary words.

This week in all of my conversational Hindi classes we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by celebrating love. Love that children have for their parents, siblings and friends. I created and produced a few kid-friendly Indian folk stories to share with my students.

Since my classes are designed for children growing up in the US, Canada, and the UK – children for whom English is their first language, I will be reading these stories in English with Hindi words and phrases sprinkled throughout so they’re engaged but still learning.

Hindi Valentine’s Story: Two Brothers

This is a story about compassion, consideration, and of course love between two farm brothers who gladly, each reduced their individual wealth to take care of one another.

Hindi Valentine’s Story: Two Sisters

This is a story about empathy, caring, and of course love between two poor, orphan sisters who look out for each other against all odds. They go up against a powerful bully who seemingly has everything in the world…except kindness, but really is nothing more than an arrogant snob who preys on those less fortunate than her.


Hindi Valentine’s vocabulary is fun and a celebration of the holiday. In my Hindi classes I teach it through talking about love we have for parents, siblings and friends.

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