Virtual Hindi for Early Learners 4-6

Conversational Hindi

Learn how to greet elders, how to say and pronounce basic phrases, counting, and vocabulary. We’ll sing songs and of course dance Bollywood.


Fun is the top priority. The more fun children have, the more they’ll absorb and stay interested in the culture and language. As an Indian-American, I have seen, first hand, how quickly interest dies when the classes aren’t fun. And once a child is turned off, it’s VERY difficult (can take years, if ever) to get them to try again.

Spoken Hindi, Not Reading and Writing

Hinglish is intended for the South Asian diaspora with an emphasis on speaking – not reading/writing. We are not going to spend time on reading/writing as there’s just not a practical use case for our target audience, which is:

Parents who don’t speak or know a little Hindi.

Parents who are fluent but struggle to get their kids to speak it too.


We’ll dance Bollywood

We’ll learn conversational Hindi/Urdu

Story time

Everyday use vocabulary

We’ll give you take home activities to practice outside of class.

Learning to say Namaste and what it means

What Makes Hinglish Unique?

Relatable. Meant for children growing up in the US, taught by someone born and raised in the US.

Practical. Emphasis on spoken Hindi; not written.

Inspirational. My objective is to spark interest in your child to engage in the language and their culture so that even after they’ve moved on from my class they will want to continue learning. It’s so easy to default to English and before you know it, they’re in college, understand a little, speak hardly any and at that point it’s VERY difficult to learn.

Tools for Parents. We understand you – parents. We give you the tools to work on the language with your child; so parents will learn too!

About Your Teacher

Samta Varia

I grew up in Southern California in a household where my parents spoke Hindi and I responded in English. But I had a standing “date night” with my mom including: parantha + a Hindi movie. I actively engaged with the language. I’d pause the movie and ask about words that I didn’t understand, context, and pronunciation. And I kept getting better and better.

The best way to describe my Hindi-speaking ability is, last year I went to Mumbai > went shopping ALONE > and totally crushed it. Every dukaan wallah would ask me where I was from and I said, “Delhi”. Their response? “We can tell because you don’t speak Mumbai wallah Hindi.” They never suspected I wasn’t from India. #BrushYaShouldersOff.

I’ve been a Bollywood and Bhangra choreographer, dancer, and teacher all my life – another area where I have continuously applied Hindi (and Punjabi) language skills.

I’m also the Founder of ShaadiShop, the largest marketplace for Indian wedding venues. I’ve written hundreds of articles about South Asian wedding culture. More about me here.

Thank you for your interest in Hinglish! I hope to see you in class!

If you have any questions please contact me.

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Classes every Tuesday and Thursday 10am-11am PT
4 to 6 years old

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8 live classes + materials

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My kid won’t sit for a Zoom class. I hear this from several parents. The children are so young, it’s understandable. I have found that in my class most children do pay attention. Why? We have fun. I engage with them NOT talk at them, the kids can see and interact with each other. I take cues from the kids. If they’re not feelin’ an activity, we move on to something else.

Can I try a class before enrolling? Yes. Register for a trial at the discounted rate $35.

Why is there an age restriction? Because, it’s important to create an environment that ensures all participants learn. All Hindi Courses.

Fill out this form to receive info on upcoming and new classes.

What is the teaching style? Playful, cheerful, encouraging. The top priority is fun; fun = children want to keep coming back = sustained interest in learning the language and culture.

Is this live or pre-recorded?
Live; and the children will be able to see and interact with each other — important for their social-emotional development.

How many children are in a class? Up to 10

What happens if we miss a class? It’s recorded and we’ll send you the link, so you can make up the class on your own.

How can I support my child’s learning outside of class? The supplementary materials and take home “assignments”/practice are practical and reinforce lessons. Surround yourself with Hindi – videos, music, stories, phrase-of-the-day.

I don’t know Hindi/Urdu, so how can I help my child? We’re going to be doing a lot of vocab that you can easily incorporate into home life and practice together. Your children will teach you! This is a GREAT way to get grandparents, aunts, uncles who sometimes don’t know what to say to kids over the phone/Facetime, involved.

Will we need any materials? The course comes with a ton of materials that include our in-class work, supplementary activities and bonus materials. Everything is provided. The only thing you’ll need to do is print out documents, have crayons and other household items. We’ll send you links and lists.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“You are so patient with the children. My son KEEPS singing songs from class. I’m so happy!”
– Bijoli, mom of almost 5 year old

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Samta, you rock! You are 10x better than her teachers! Patient, thoughtful, and super engaging!”
– Jeevan, dad of 4 year old

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Thanks for the class! She had a blast. Still teaching her the flute dance.”
– Mandar, dad of almost 4 year old

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