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Story Time with Samta Aunty

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Virtual PreSkool Founder & CEO, Samta Varia, created and custom illustrated a kid-friendly adaptation of Ramayan, in English and hosted over 15 readings at times across time zones and perfect timing for Diwali 2020.

Story Time With Samta Aunty kid-friendly Ramayan

Our Hindi Classes

Fun, virtual Hindi classes for age 3-15. Our classes not only teach your children how to speak Hindi but will also inspire your child’s curiosity for the language and culture.

Your Teacher

Samta started Virtual PreSkool in 2020 during the pandemic. Many of her friends have asked her to teach their kids Hindi and the timing was right, as many kids are at home/varying school environments.

Samta Varia, Founder of Virtual PreSkool, Beginners Hindi Classes Age 6-10
Samta Varia, Founder & CEO
Hindi Pre-K
Age 3-5

4 sessions: $140
8 sessions: $280

Beginners Hindi
Age 6-10

4 sessions: $160
8 sessions: $300

Beginners Hindi
Age 10-15

4 sessions: $160
8 sessions: $300

Try a class before enrolling $25 per student.
Pre-k Trial
Beginners Age 6-10 Trial
Beginners Age 10-15 Trial

Virtual PreSkool

Founded in 2020 by Samta Varia, Virtual PreSkool, offers a fun and unique way to learn to speak Hindi. Based in Menlo Park, CA.

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