Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow! This post is all about Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary for children to celebrate the holiday of pyaar (love) with their parivaar (family) and dauston (friends). Hindi Valentine’s Phrases I love you Ma Mai aap se pyaar karta hoon Ma. (boys)Mai aap se pyaar karti hoon Ma. (girls) I love you Dad/Papa MaiContinue reading “Hindi Valentine’s Vocabulary”

Conversational Hindi Dining Vocabulary

In this post we are going to talk about conversational Hindi dining vocabulary. Dining means flatware and dinnerware. I like to teach a unit about this to students because it’s useful to know the words for plate, fork, spoon, knife, bowl, etc. and they’re practical to practice, since we use these items everyday! In theContinue reading “Conversational Hindi Dining Vocabulary”